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Chapter 164 Shot Herself in the Foot

  • Before Ruan Shishi came to Thailand, she had done some research online and saw posts that mentioned taxi scams; the taxi driver would purposely take the long route and tweak the meter. However, she didn’t expect that she would encounter such a thing in less than a day since she arrived.
  • Then, Ruan Shishi opened the map application on her phone and searched for the estimated fare that she was supposed to pay. When her search results showed that the estimated cost would be 150, she instantly knew that the taxi driver wanted to scam her!
  • After she took a deep breath, Ruan Shishi reached out her hand and showed the taxi driver her phone screen. “I will only pay you 150.”
  • The taxi driver glanced at her screen and immediately shook his head. “No, 400!”
  • When Ruan Shishi heard the persistence in his tone, she was even more angry than before. Did he really think that money fell from the sky in China?
  • However, she, too, was determined and refused to back down. “I only have 150.”
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