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Chapter 210 Embarrassed by a Lady

  • Before she could understand what ‘practical’ meant, Du Yue had already exited the bar and made for the car before he got in. Then, Yu Yimo entered the car with a long face.
  • Although she hadn’t figured out what Su Yucheng meant, she knew for sure that she wouldn’t have been forgiven by Yu Yimo even if she had gone to apologize. Fine, I’ll go look for Yun’an in the bar first. Ruan Shishi then turned around and headed to the bar in low spirits.
  • As the car started moving, Yu Yimo’s gaze unknowingly fell upon the lady through the window, thereupon he frowned while watching the lady’s back profile.
  • At this moment, Su Yucheng suddenly turned his attention to Yu Yimo. He then showed him a cheeky grin as if he was up to no good.
  • Yu Yimo shifted his gaze from the lady to him in a cold manner. “Why must you share a ride? Didn’t you drive?”
  • “I drank,” Su Yucheng smilingly replied and gazed at him as if he could read his mind. He then added, “So, I can’t drive.”
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