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Chapter 187 You Hate Me?

  • Just when she was in a trance, the footsteps from outside gradually got closer and closer. Suddenly, her office door was pushed open and a tall figure appeared by the doorway.
  • Stunned, Ruan Shishi’s back stiffened before she looked up and saw Yu Yimo staring at her with a serious look on his face.
  • Ruan Shishi was startled so she hurriedly asked, “Why are you here?”
  • When Yu Yimo saw the look of panic on her face and heard how she had questioned him, he pursed his lips in displeasure and said in a deep voice, “I’m here to inspect my employees.”
  • As he spoke, he ignored the expression on Ruan Shishi’s face and strode up to her office desk without a word.
  • Then, with his deep and dark eyes, he quickly scanned her desk and his sharp gaze finally stopped at a folder that was placed on the right corner of the desk.
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