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Chapter 298 Suspecting the Wrong Person

  • The atmosphere in the room froze. After a long time, Yu Yimo finally regained his senses.
  • Su Yucheng sighed gently. “Forget about it. You should mull over it yourself. Don’t forget, you are going to get engaged soon.” With that, he turned around and left directly.
  • In that instant, Yu Yimo was the only person left in the room. Ruan Shishi’s face kept appearing in his mind. In the end, he took a deep breath and suppressed the impulsive desires in his heart. He did not know when, but Ruan Shishi had slowly but surely integrated herself into his life in the least noticeable way. It wasn’t easy for him to remove her from his life.
  • It seemed that it was time for him to stay focused. At least, for now, he wasn’t in the mood to care about other things when they were various uncleared issues plaguing his company.
  • His gaze swept across the phone beside him, which he then picked up. The moment he switched it on, he noticed Ye Wan’er’s messages.
  • ‘Mo, are you feeling better?’
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