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Chapter 125 Deliberately Finding Faults

  • In the VIP ward of Jinghua Hospital.
  • Sat on the side of the bed, Yu Yimo patiently coaxed Ye Wan’er, “Don’t worry, I will be by your side for the operation tomorrow.”
  • Ye Wan’er nodded obediently and curled her lips, revealing two dimples on both sides of her cheeks. “Mo, I’m a bit thirsty. I want some water.”
  • Yu Yimo turned his head and looked at the empty water jug. He picked up the cup on the table and said softly, “Wait for me. I’ll go get some water.”
  • Ye Wan’er’s eyes curved as she gave him a sweet smile. “Okay.”
  • Seeing Yu Yimo walking out of the ward, she sat up on the bed and turned to look at Yu Yimo’s mobile phone on the table next to her before reaching out and taking it. Then, she keyed in the password and unlocked it.
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