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Chapter 121 Join the Fun

  • Although she had never been to Radiance Club, she knew very well what that place was. It was a place for sensual pleasures.
  • Xu Fengming, who was beside her, seemed to notice her anxiety and nervousness. So, he chuckled and spoke in a deep voice, “Ruan, I’m sorry to say this but you are inexperienced. Being young inevitably means that you lack experience.” He sounded like a senior advising his junior, but Ruan Shishi felt scared in her heart. Taking a deep breath, she felt for that long utility knife in her pocket. Only then did she feel at ease.
  • She remained silent throughout the journey. When they arrived at their destination, she observed the cars around them and realized that those people who joined the meal at Lotus Garden just now had all planned to come here as well. Looking around, Ruan Shishi noticed that other than her, President Chen’s secretary was also there. Feeling slightly relieved, she followed them into the club.
  • In the room, a waiter served them a few bottles of wine. A boss with the surname ‘Cheng’ bantered, “It’s all on Vice President Xu today, so let’s go all out and only order the best wine!”
  • The other two men exchanged a look and laughed after hearing that, agreeing, “Indeed. We hardly gather to have fun. I’m sure Vice President Xu won’t be stingy.”
  • Xu Fengming raised his hand and spoke firmly with a resounding voice, “Of course. Order as you please. Everything will be on me tonight!”
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