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Chapter 325 A Successful Surgery

  • Ruan Shishi’s gaze followed the man’s retreating figure. There was an empty feeling in her heart all of a sudden, along with a vague sense of loneliness.
  • On one side, Song Ye’an watched her expression as his mood sank together with her. He paused and took a deep breath. Then, he opened his mouth and asked, “Do you still have Yu Yimo in your heart?”
  • Ruan Shishi was shocked when she heard this. In that instant, she finally snapped out of her reverie as she looked at him in a panic. Then, she shook her head while denying it, “N-No…” Although she tried to deny it, she said it without much confidence at all. She looked at the man in front of her as she spoke those words. Then, she gritted her teeth, wanting to continue, yet stopping mid-sentence.
  • She was flustered just now. She did not know whether it was a moment of impulse or whether it was because she was in front of Yu Yimo and Ye Wan’er. She actually agreed to be his girlfriend when her emotions were running high. In reality, however, her actions just now proved that she was taking advantage of Song Ye’an. And now, she was put into a difficult situation as she did not know how to broach this topic.
  • Naturally, Song Ye’an knew that she had something on her mind. Moreover, he could guess what she wanted to say. He smiled at her while saying in a gentle voice, “You don’t have to take the words that I said to them to heart. I was just helping you to put on a front before them. So, please don’t be burdened by this.”
  • Ruan Shishi was surprised when she heard his words. She never expected Song Ye’an to be that direct. A warm feeling crept into her heart. Following that, she said, “Thank you.”
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