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Chapter 200 Returning a Generous Gift

  • When they were done washing their hands in the kitchen, Ye Wan’er dragged Yu Yimo back to their seats. The maids on the side came over and immediately poured them wine.
  • When the maids finished pouring the drinks, the sound of footsteps from the stairs gradually became louder, thereafter Ye Zeyu walked casually into the living room with his chin raised slightly.
  • After he had greeted Ye Fengpeng and Madam Ye, his cold gaze was on Yu Yimo while he walked over and sat opposite him.
  • When everyone was there, Ye Fengpeng then turned toward Yu Yimo, smiled, and said in a soft voice, “Yimo, try this wine. I’ve kept this bottle hidden for many years.”
  • Yu Yimo nodded and took a sip of the red wine, to which he commented, “This is good.”
  • Ye Fengpeng smiled at his comment and was about to announce the start of the meal when Ye Zeyu, who was at the side, grunted in a tone of displeasure. “Father, is it necessary to be opening a bottle of fine wine? It’s not like it’s some sort of a celebration today.”
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