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Chapter 234 Song Qi Again?

  • “Another glass please!”
  • Song Yun’an pushed her empty glass toward the bartender while grinning madly. This was already her third glass of the night.
  • Upon seeing this, Ruan Shishi felt uneasy. She quickly grabbed Song Yun’an’s hand and smiled at the bartender. “No need for that! She’s had enough to drink.”
  • If she were to let Song Yun’an continue drinking like this, she was afraid that the latter would start going crazy again the moment she got drunk.
  • “Shishi! Don’t stop me! Just let me get drunk!”
  • Song Yun’an said with her head leaning against Ruan Shishi’s shoulders. She then suddenly muttered, “Tell me… why is my mind always filled with thoughts of Du Yue?”
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