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Chapter 147 Homemade Lunch Box

  • When Ruan Shishi turned around and saw Yu Yimo standing at the door, her entire body had tensed up. The reason why she had specially picked this hour to deliver the lunch box was to not meet him. Little did she know that she would be so unlucky to let him catch her in the act.
  • Yu Yimo was holding a document when he saw her. After sweeping his eyes over the lunch bag on the desk, he asked calmly, “Is there anything you need?”
  • Ruan Shishi clenched her fists and made up an excuse. “Nothing. It’s just that I made an extra lunch box in the morning, and that’s why I brought one for you.”
  • Upon hearing her words, Yu Yimo eased up a little. After walking forward and taking a glance at the thing on his desk, his tone was raised when he asked, “You made a lunch box? Why haven’t I noticed that you’re this diligent?”
  • During the last few times when he stayed over at her place, she only woke up after fully resting. However, she had actually woken up early today to prepare lunch boxes. Will wonders never cease?
  • Ruan Shishi twitched her lips after hearing the man’s mockery. As she had no place to rebut, she said, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll be going.”
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