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Chapter 154 Don’t Call My Name

  • Song Yun’an understood and obediently stopped talking although she was reluctant to do so.
  • Unfortunately, Song Qi already looked more upset when she heard Song Yun’an. Gritting her teeth, she snapped, “Song Yun’an, don’t you get too arrogant! Ruan Shishi, this matter is not settled just yet!”
  • She then turned to look at a bodyguard who stood next to her and ordered in an icy tone, “Zhong, make a call and get more people here!” Today, she wanted to know exactly how far Ruan Shishi and Song Yun’an could go!
  • Ruan Shishi was slightly apprehensive when she heard that Song Qi was going to summon more men here. It had started off as a trivial matter and it never occurred to her that both Yu Yimo and Du Yue would be dragged into this mess. As for Song Qi, she was unwilling to give in. In this case, both parties were deadlocked and the situation would get worse.
  • Unsure of what Yu Yimo was trying to do, Ruan Shishi panicked slightly. Instinctively, she extended her hand and tugged at the corner of his shirt.
  • Yu Yimo lowered his gaze and saw the worry in her eyes. Unruffled, he calmly comforted her, “Everything’s going to be fine.” With him around, nothing bad would happen to her.
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