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Chapter 112 Three Requests

  • After the group of staff had left, the expression on Song Yun’an face took a drastic change as she flung away Du Yue’s hand on her and gloated with her eyebrows raised, “Assistant Du, what do you think of this surprise?”
  • Du Yue was overwhelmed with regret. If he knew that she was this cunning earlier, he would definitely not mess with her in the first place!
  • It was hard for him as he had to make a choice between following the President’s instruction or getting involved with a difficult woman.
  • Seeing Du Yue remaining wordless for a long while, Song Yun’an raised an eyebrow and flashed him an innocent smile as she threatened, “Assistant Du, I bet we would come across even more of your colleagues at the lobby later.”
  • Du Yue’s face took a change as he asked, “Wh-What are you going to do?”
  • Was she really going to ruin his reputation? After all, there were still many girls in the office who were interested in him! If Song Yun’an did the same thing in the elevator at the lobby, he supposed everyone would see him as a pervert who was keen on S and M!
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