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Chapter 304 Showing a Sense of Presence

  • After getting off the subway and reaching Republic Venue at the film location, Ruan Shishi thought that there wouldn’t be many people on a working day, but she was so wrong. The outdoors of the venue was filled with young teenage girls in groups who were jamming the area. They all had their phones and banners with them and were discussing excitedly among themselves.
  • Ruan Shishi finally realized what this was about when she saw the wording and pictures on the banners. These girls were all Jiang Huanchen’s fans. The entire crowd surrounding the venue were all waiting to see Jiang Huanchen.
  • Ruan Shishi did not expect the crowd. Walking over, she tried to squeeze inside, but these teenager girls were adamant enough not to let her through. They refused to let her pass, for she did not have anything with her that proved she was a fan.
  • Ruan Shishi looked at the time; she was getting anxious. If she couldn’t even get near Jiang Huanchen, how could she get the chance to make him notice her and find an opportunity to talk to him about the brand endorsement?
  • Looking around, Ruan Shishi suddenly saw a few girls coming out from a house not far away. They were carrying fan signs printed with Jiang Huanchen’s face on them. Looking closer, she found out that the house was a shop to print posters and banners. Suddenly, she had a brainwave and rushed over.
  • The owner of the shop was a skinny middle-aged man. He greeted her cheerfully, “Who are you running after, miss?”
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