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Chapter 18 It’s No Longer My Fault!

  • The door was kicked open by Yu Yimo!
  • Ruan Shishi’s hands trembled; she immediately stopped herself from thrusting the broken glass into her throat.
  • She did not expect that someone would come to save her at the last moment!
  • “F*ck!”
  • The man turned his head while swearing. Before he could even finish his sentence, he had been kicked hard in his shoulder, causing him to fall down to the bedside.
  • At this moment, Yu Yimo only felt an inexplicable anger swirling inside him. He finally caught on to the situation when his eyes swept over the glaring red wound on the woman’s fair neck. He walked forward and pulled over the blanket to cover her body. Then, he said sternly, “Don’t move!”
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