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Chapter 59 Let Her Make a Fool Out of Herself!

  • Ruan Shishi got out of the car when they arrived at Starlight Hall. She was nervous when she caught sight of the crowd that had gathered at the entrance of the main hall.
  • A huge red carpet was rolled out from the entrance to the street. Furthermore, there were many media reporters standing at the entrance, making the scene way more glamorous than she had imagined.
  • “Young Mistress, do you need me to go in with you?” Ruan Shishi came back to her senses when Du Yue’s voice came from behind. She gently turned her head around and said, “It’s fine. I can go in by myself.”
  • Ruan Shishi was simply interested in the exhibition; she was going to leave after taking a look at the jewelry since she was uncomfortable squeezing through crowds during occasions like these.
  • She seemed much more elegant after slowing down her pace in her high heels. After showing her invitation card at the entrance, the receptionist helped her put on a wristband.
  • As she entered the venue, a hall glamouring in silver starlight hovered in sight. Silvery-gray walls that were irregularly-shaped added some artistic effects to it. Meanwhile, a crowd of people had already gathered around the center of the bright and spacious hall.
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