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Chapter 168 Why Don’t We Make a Bet?

  • Ruan Shishi didn’t know how much time had passed when she woke up, and she could vaguely hear some faint noises coming from somewhere near her. Her body was stiff as if she was tied up and her whole body was sore; she didn’t even have the energy to move.
  • The choking smell of smoke was in the air, making it difficult for her to breathe. Ruan Shishi tried her best to open her eyes, and when she slowly lifted her head, she realized that she was tied tightly to a chair, unable to move.
  • Not far away from her, she found the source of the noise. A group of men were gathered around a pool table cursing and shouting, accompanied with a few bursts of laughter. The way they spoke sounded utterly vulgar.
  • Where am I? Ruan Shishi gritted her teeth and looked around but she still couldn’t tell where she was.
  • The place she was in was huge; there were sofas, pool tables and a few other entertainment facilities. It was filled with men who spoke in a mixture of Chinese and Thai, and there was smoke everywhere. The smell of smoke was so strong that Ruan Shishi couldn’t help but choke and cough a little. Instantly, someone noticed her and soon, a few men approached her.
  • The man that led the group had dark skin and dreadlocks. He had long and thick eyebrows that made him look fierce. His body was covered with tattoos and the most eye-catching one was the letter K that was tattooed on the side of his neck. A skinny and short man followed next to him; it was the man she met on the streets!
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