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Chapter 38 Will She Succeed?

  • Yu Yimo had actually kissed her!
  • Indeed, he disliked Yu Gubei; he had hated it very much when he saw her being with Yu Gubei. He did not wish her to have any interaction with Yu Gubei, even if she was just his fake wife.
  • Knock! Knock!
  • “Young Mistress, are you awake?” Ruan Shishi slowly opened her eyes when she heard Madam Rong’s soft voice calling out to her from outside the door. She took a deep breath and looked around the dark room, completely unaware of what time it was now. She only recalled Yu Yimo carrying her back to the room, not remembering what happened afterward…
  • “Young Mistress…” Ruan Shishi got out of bed before replying to Madam Rong. She then put on a cardigan and switched on the light. Noticing that the man was not here in the bedroom, she felt relieved. It would be really awkward finding him beside her after she woke up.
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