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Chapter 166 Asking for Help

  • Su Yucheng could tell that Yu Yimo was running out of patience, so he hurriedly surrendered. “Fine, I’ll leave now. You don’t have to be so angry.”
  • “It’s been a while since we last met so I thought you would miss me.”
  • “Never mind. Why am I even talking to a cold statue…”
  • Su Yucheng muttered to himself non-stop. Then, he looked up and saw the dark expression on Yu Yimo’s face; it was obvious that he had run out of patience. Su Yucheng immediately zipped his mouth shut and hurriedly left the room.
  • After he left, Yu Yimo finally felt quiet and peaceful. He walked to the window and picked up the half-filled glass of wine on the table, taking a sip as he stared at the world outside the window.
  • Yu Yimo scanned the brightly lit high-rise buildings before he focused his gaze on the dark, black sky. Staring at the faraway sky, it was as if the darkness was waiting for the perfect moment to open its maw and swallow the world.
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