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Chapter 24 What Is Your Relationship With Him?

  • Ruan Shishi was already gratified that Yu Yimo could make it to her father’s birthday. But Yu Yimo had drunk a lot, so she was worried that he might run into trouble if he attended the event by himself.
  • Yu Yimo was startled. He then turned his head to look at her with a hint of hesitation. “You want to join me?”
  • She grabbed onto his sleeves even tighter, nodding in a serious manner. “Yes, I’d like to accompany you.”
  • In the end, she still could not voice out her worries.
  • Staring at her persistent gaze, Yu Yimo raised his brows and asked her in return, “Do you know what kind of event I’ll be attending?”
  • In his eyes, she was as pure as driven snow. On the other hand, the place that he was going to go was a place of indulgence.
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