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Chapter 223 We Won’t End up Together

  • ‘In the duration of the contract, the second party shall not engage in any affairs with another male and must prioritize the needs of the first party.’ What the hell does it mean?
  • Ruan Shishi’s brain buzzed as she couldn’t believe what she had read. She rubbed her eyes and pored it over one more time. However, it was not a hallucination—that was exactly what she had just read.
  • With the contract in her hands, she froze on the spot as if she had been petrified by Medusa’s eyes. What the heck?! How can I be deprived of the freedom to love? He wont even let me be in contact with other men!
  • Seeing her expression, Yu Yimo, who was outside the room, knew exactly what was on her mind. As he strode into the room and elegantly walked up to Ruan Shishi, he raised an eyebrow and said, “Seems like you already knew where it is written.” The term was clearly stated in the contract, which she signed voluntarily.
  • Ruan Shishi bit her lower lip and tightened the grip on the contract. She raised her gaze and asked, “Don’t you think you have crossed the line by interfering in my love life?” Even if she was really in love with another man, that wouldn’t affect her commitment to act in front of Grandma. So what was his intention of adding this term in the contract?
  • Yu Yimo raised his chin and said in a cold voice, “It is to ensure that you will act more naturally in front of Grandma. She is not a fool and will not simply believe whatever I say.”
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