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Chapter 209 A Slap in the Face

  • Ruan Shishi’s voice started shaking because she was nervous as she met the man’s dark gaze. However, it wasn’t for more than two seconds that she quickly turned her eyes away from him.
  • In the second half of the song, her voice trembled, for she wasn’t as confident as before. After Ruan Shishi braced herself and finished the song, she immediately got up and bowed to the audience before exiting the stage.
  • It was at this moment that Yu Yimo suddenly asked in a firm tone, “Do you take song requests?”
  • Upon hearing his question, Ruan Shishi stopped in her tracks before looking up to meet his gaze. Her heart skipped a beat when she looked into his eyes as if they were coldly sneering at her. Does he really take me as a lounge singer?
  • Upon noticing no response from her, Yu Yimo slowly sat himself straight while directly staring at her. “How much for a song?”
  • However, to her, his seemingly simple question was like a slap in her face that was hard enough to make her cheeks burn. He must have said it intentionally in front of everyone to humiliate her!
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