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Chapter 221 Song Ye’an’s Confession

  • Yu Yimo said indifferently, “He’s behind us.”
  • Then, he cocked his head and looked at Ruan Shishi with his deep gaze. As their gazes met, he asked, “What? You don’t like me here?”
  • He said those words in a firm yet flirty tone, which hit her hard. She bit her lower lip and couldn’t say anything.
  • She dared not speak her mind. No matter how displeased she was, she could only keep it to herself. When she raised her gaze again, she saw that Yu Yimo’s sight had moved past her and fallen upon the man behind her. Only then did she remember that there was another man sitting beside her.
  • Just then, Song Ye’an said in a soft voice, “Shishi, it’s starting.”
  • Upon hearing that, she quickly turned around and flashed an apologetic smile to Song Ye’an. She then looked attentively at the stage and tried to stabilize her breath. It was the first time she was sandwiched by two men.
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