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Chapter 190 Borui Offline Event

  • Ruan Shishi anxiously made her way to the manager’s office and knocked on the door before she said, “Miss Lan.”
  • Manager Lan was sitting in front of her desk, looking through some documents. When she saw Ruan Shishi enter, she lifted her chin and ordered, “Close the door and take a seat.”
  • Ruan Shishi did what she was told and when saw the calm expression on Manager Lan’s face, she couldn’t figure out why she was called in.
  • Manager Lan softly said, “Shishi, do you know Borui?”
  • Borui? Ruan Shishi thought the name sounded familiar and after two seconds, she remembered what it was. “Are you talking about the Yu Family Group’s subsidiary company, Borui?”
  • “Yes. For the past two years, Borui has been producing IT products and the brand is pretty well-known in Jiangzhou. The reason I called you in today is because Borui is about to have a new product launching event offline. This event is very important to the company, so they plan to select a representative each from the Administrative Department and the Marketing Department to plan it.”
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