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Chapter 101 Your House or Mine?

  • After Cheng Lu was sure that she had taken a few photos of Ruan Shishi looking intimate with Xu Fengming, she was satisfied. Then, she hurriedly put away the camera and left.
  • Meanwhile, Ruan Shishi struggled to help Xu Fengming get into his car, and after greeting the driver, she watched them leave.
  • Earlier, when they came to the hotel, she had sat in Xu Fengming’s car. However, it was getting late and she knew that it wouldn’t be convenient for her to head back in his car; she would rather hail a cab instead of waiting for Xu Fengming’s driver to take her home.
  • Ruan Shishi took a deep breath as she watched Xu Fengming’s car drive away, and her tensed body relaxed at once. Immediately after, she could feel the effects of the alcohol taking over her body. Having stood outside for a long time, she had hoped that the cold night breeze would wake her up, but still, she started seeing double.
  • Gritting her teeth, she started to walk forward. However, her knees gave way, and her body tumbled down sideways.
  • All of a sudden, a strong arm grabbed her shoulders and helped her back in place.
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