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Chapter 113 Gentleman

  • After leaving the restaurant, Ruan Shishi and Song Yun’an drove home right away. When they reached the gate of the residential area, Song Yun’an started glancing around like she was looking for someone.
  • Puzzled, Ruan Shishi scanned the surroundings before asking, “What’s wrong?”
  • Song Yun’an stuttered as she answered, “N-Nothing.”
  • “Nothing?” Ruan Shishi raised an eyebrow as she did not believe what she said.
  • Ever since the days of high school up until university, the two girls had known each other for around eight to nine years. Hence, Song Yun’an could never keep any secrets from her.
  • Ruan Shishi’s pace came to a halt and she stared at Song Yun’an sternly. “Is it really nothing?”
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