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Chapter 188 Shame

  • He had said those words straightforwardly and Ruan Shishi was ashamed and annoyed by it. However, she was subconsciously feeling a burning desire.
  • Her breathing quickened and she couldn’t help but gasp as she said, “Yu Yimo, you’re shameless!”
  • When Yu Yimo saw how angry she looked, he didn’t panic. Instead, he deliberately leaned onto her body, causing the two of them to press closer to each other.
  • Yu Yimo looked down and in a deep voice, he said, “Don’t lie to yourself.”
  • Then, his finger slid an inch deeper and for a moment, Ruan Shishi stared blankly into space and she couldn’t help but moan.
  • When she heard herself, her face instantly turned as red as a tomato. Then, she bit her lip, feeling ashamed and annoyed as she tried to wriggle herself free. “Yu Yimo, let me go! Let me go!”
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