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Chapter 108 Asking for an explanation

  • The expression on Song Yun’an’s pretty face changed as she asked, “Has it really got nothing to do with my brother? Then what happened to you?”
  • Ruan Shishi took a deep breath as she had no idea how to give her bestie an account of the entire incident. After all, she had kept Song Yun’an in the dark about what happened between her and Yu Yimo from the start.
  • “Yun’an, let’s not talk about this first…” Ruan Shishi dabbed her teary eyes before squeezing out a grin and steered the conversation to another topic. “Haven’t we agreed that your brother and I will be going to the airport to pick you up? Why did you come here on your own?”
  • Song Yun’an said urgently, “Just now, my brother sent me a message saying that you’ve been injured and were at the hospital. I rushed here as soon as I received the message right after I landed. Just tell me who’s the scumbag that bullied you this badly!”
  • Judging from Ruan Shishi’s expression, Song Ye’an knew she was in a dilemma and he roughly had an idea about what was going on. Putting on a stern look, he cleared his throat and suggested, “Yun’an, I think Shishi is exhausted and you should bring her back to your apartment to have a rest first. You both can catch up later.”
  • When Song Yun’an heard her brother, she nodded her head as she realized that his brother’s words made sense. Turning to look at Ruan Shishi, she asked, “In that case… Shishi, how about we head to my place first?”
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