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Chapter 228 Who Are You Caring For?

  • Ruan Shishi ran to the next room to make sure that Du Yue was alright. Afterward, she exited the room and was thinking whether she should go back when Su Yucheng suddenly opened the door and walked out. He smiled at her as he waved the car keys in his hand. “Let’s go. I will send you home.”
  • Ruan Shishi nodded her head at him politely. “Thank you.”
  • After they walked out of the hospital and got into the car, Ruan Shishi remained silent. After all, she wasn’t that familiar with him. However, Su Yucheng could not stand the awkward silence. He finally couldn’t help but initiate the conversation after waiting for half a day for Ruan Shishi to open her mouth.
  • He took the initiative to start several topics, but Ruan Shishi wasn’t interested in this conversation. She randomly threw out a few answers as she simply wasn’t in the mood to chatter with him. Naturally, she wasn’t in the mood for a chat when she thought about the fact that Yu Yimo was still lying in the hospital.
  • Su Yucheng could see that she wasn’t interested, hence he decided to shut up and not say anything anymore.
  • Soon, the car stopped at the entrance of a small neighborhood. Ruan Shishi said softly, “You can drop me off here. Thank you.”
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