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Chapter 155 Why Are You Angry?

  • Standing beside them as she listened to the bizarre conversation they were having, Ruan Shishi’s curiosity was piqued. Even though Yu Yimo and Yu Gubei did not share the same parents, there was no reason their relationship would become this bad; the air between them was filled with hostility.
  • His eyes gloomy and icy, Yu Yimo evaded his question and said instead, “Yu Gubei, you don’t have to act in front of me.” Leaving that sentence behind, he turned around and briskly walked off without any hesitation. Du Yue, too, followed behind him after casting a glance at Song Yun’an.
  • Ruan Shishi threw a look at Yu Gubei and flashed him an embarrassed smile before dragging a puzzled Song Yun’an away.
  • When they walked further away, Song Yun’an finally came to her senses. She then looked at Ruan Shishi curiously and asked in a soft voice, “Shishi, is that man Yu Yimo’s brother?”
  • Ruan Shishi nodded her head slightly but remained silent.
  • “Damn!” Song Yun’an commented with regret, “His brother who sat on the wheelchair is such a gentleman. And he is very good-looking too! What’s more, he helped us get out of trouble so I think he should be a kind man! But, why did Yu Yimo treat him with that kind of attitude?”
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