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Chapter 235 She Was Asleep

  • Upon seeing him, Song Yun’an felt guilty and hung her head low. “I have caused trouble for Shishi again…”
  • Looking at Ruan Shishi’s slightly swollen face, a sense of worry flashed Song Ye’an’s gaze as he asked, “Shishi, what happened to your face?”
  • Ruan Shishi tried to hide the injured side of her face by cocking her head to another side. With a dodgy gaze, she said, “I’m fine. Yun’an is drunk. Please send her home.”
  • Song Ye’an stopped probing further, for her refusal to answer his question said it all. He then reached out and helped Song Yun’an up. Knowing his sister too well, he never allowed Song Yun’an to go to any pubs or bars exactly because he was afraid that she would cause trouble. It never occurred to him that his permission this time would result in a bad outcome, not to mention that it was his friend’s bar that they went to. He frowned and turned to look at his subordinate behind him, saying coldly, “Call a taxi to send her home.”
  • After nodding, the subordinate moved forward and helped Song Yun’an up. Soon after that, they boarded a taxi and left.
  • Ruan Shishi took a breath and pursed her lips, saying, “Ye’an, please go home as well. I’ll leave here on my own.”
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