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Chapter 139 Missing the Old Times

  • Most of the people had already arrived and the lobby was noisy with voices. Seeing that it was almost time, Master Bai informed everyone to go to the VIP seats on the second floor for dinner.
  • The seats were assigned in advance. After Ruan Shishi took her seat, she found that Cheng Lu was sitting at the next table, talking and laughing with two other women. Meanwhile, Yu Yimo was sitting at the main table in the central area, with Xu Fengming and Chen Yu beside him.
  • Before the banquet started, Master Bai gave a speech as usual, and as soon as the sequence of events were finished, the food was served.
  • The dishes were served and many acquaintances toasted each other. Ruan Shishi simply had something to eat without paying much attention to the food, for her heart was already at the table where Xu Fengming was.
  • Suddenly, Yu Yimo raised his head slightly and glanced over here. It happened that Ruan Shishi was looking over there as well, so the two exchanged looks with each other from a distance.
  • The moment when their eyes met, Ruan Shishi was feeling a little nervous. In contrast, Yu Yimo seemed to be much calmer as his gaze swept over her lightly without any change in the expression on his face.
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