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Chapter 215 I Will Make up for It

  • Yu Yimo regained his senses after a short while. He then asked solemnly, “What’s the matter?”
  • Ruan Shishi said in a heart-wrenching voice, “Grandma is missing! It’s because of me!”
  • Yu Yimo’s face turned serious in an instant. Forgetting the fact that there were other people around, he asked in a heightened voice, “What?!” Why is Grandma involved in it? And why was she together with Grandma?
  • Ruan Shishi said in a regretful voice, “We came to the ecological park for a stroll. I went away to buy a drink, but when I came back, she had gone missing. I couldn’t find her after a long search. Yu Yimo, what should I do?”
  • Upon hearing that, Yu Yimo’s brain buzzed as he tightened his grip on his phone. Grandma has gone missing because of this stupid woman!
  • Trying to suppress his anger, he said, “Go look for Bin the bodyguard and keep on searching. I’ll bring some men over!” He hung up the call after he finished talking and turned around.
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