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Chapter 266 Only You Can Save Yourself

  • Ruan Shishi raised her hand, trying to feel her forehead. Her finger then felt something sticky just as she felt a twinge of pain. Enduring the injury, she shivered and drew a deep breath through her teeth.
  • Assistant Liu appeared a little on edge while gently reminding Ruan Shishi, “Secretary Ruan, your wound can’t wait any longer, or it’s going to leave a scar!”
  • Ruan Shishi looked up to meet Assistant Liu’s sincere yet anxious gaze, feeling touched and grateful for the latter’s kindness. Even Assistant Liu, whom she barely knew, showed her concern for the injury, yet Yu Yimo… When she closed her eyes, she could still vividly visualize his apathetic gaze, as if she was just a secretary who didn’t matter much to him anyway.
  • Fine. “Then, I guess I’ll leave things here to you and get to the hospital, Assistant Liu,” Ruan Shishi said while looking at Assistant Liu.
  • “Yes, please do!” Assistant Liu nodded in agreement.
  • Ruan Shishi then used some clean tissue paper to wipe off the blood from her wound. Also, she pasted a gauze on her wound so that she wouldn’t freak anyone out. She then left the office in a hurry. Upon opening the door, she was startled by a sudden figure that greeted her on the outside. “You…”
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