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Chapter 205 Add Fuel to the Fire

  • Ye Zeyu recalled that when Yu Yimo was having a meal at his house, he did tell him that he was seeing Feng Yiyi.
  • It was not a coincidence that his relationship with Feng Yiyi was exposed to the media before their prospective cooperation with Da Cheng. Moreover, he got into an argument with Yu Yimo the day before. All the evidence pointed at one person.
  • He was furious when he managed to figure everything out, so he raised his hand and swept the glass off the table. Smash! The glass full of water fell onto the ground and shattered. He said through gritted teeth, “Yu Yimo, you’ve got guts!” As soon as he said that, a secretary rushed into the room. When she saw the broken pieces of glass on the floor and the enraged Ye Zeyu, she was stunned. Even though she was scared, she asked, “Vice President Ye, you…”
  • Ye Zeyu gave her a gloomy look and snarled, “Scram!”
  • The secretary’s body shivered as she scrambled out of the room.
  • When Ye Zeyu’s gaze fell upon her back, he squinted and said, “Stop there.” He was furious as his father had just slapped him, and that Yu Yimo was probably behind all these. The secretary was his perfect target to vent his anger.
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