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Chapter 212 A Childish Apology

  • Ruan Shishi lowered her head and never dared to look up again. She then took a pen and started scribbling on a piece of paper to hide her anxiety.
  • A moment later, Yu Yimo started to segregate duties where Ruan Shishi finally heaved a sigh of relief. This was indeed a meeting that turned her stomach into a million knots.
  • As the meeting went on, Ruan Shishi began to feel calmer. She then unintentionally spotted a sticky note beside her. Feeling bored to tears, she took a pencil and started drawing a simple kitten figure. Still unsatisfied with her drawing, she added a line ‘Please don’t be mad at me anymore.’
  • In fact, this was an autobiographical comic that she stumbled upon while scrolling her phone. She found it interesting, so she started drawing the characters by heart for a few more pages before deciding to lay down her pencil.
  • The next time she looked up again, the meeting was already coming to an end.
  • Yu Yimo then ordered Du Yue, “Please bring me the reports of all departments.”
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