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Chapter 143 Do You Really Want Me to Leave?

  • Luck was on their side; things would not have worked out like what happened on this day if they didn’t have the luck. If something really happened to her, there might not have even been a chance to save her.
  • Things got pretty noisy for a while on the outside, then it gradually calmed down. It was about time for them to leave now. Yu Yimo had no time to say goodbye to Master Bai before he directly left Lotus Garden with Ruan Shishi.
  • Once the news about Xu Fengming spread, it would undoubtedly bring a lot of trouble to Master Bai. Thus, they were overwhelmed with the situation, which was why they would naturally be unable to take care of other matters at hand.
  • Back in her small apartment, Ruan Shishi dragged her wounded body back to the bedroom to change her clothes. When she walked out her room, she saw Yu Yimo sitting on the sofa, who looked like he didn’t have any intentions of leaving.
  • Thinking of the scenes where Yu Yimo came to her place a few times before this, Ruan Shishi felt a little diffident deep down. She stepped forward and said softly, “It's getting late. I’m going to bed after taking a shower.”
  • In other words, he should leave.
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