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Chapter 73 Something Went Wrong With the Engine

  • Everyone was startled upon hearing Yu Yimo’s words.
  • Yu Yimo explained unhurriedly, “I lost the game yesterday and was splashed with two buckets of water, so of course I am not going to accept my defeat. Let us divide ourselves into groups of two like the groups yesterday and have another race so that I can avenge my previous loss.”
  • Upon hearing him saying so, some of the staff agreed to his suggestion, whereas some of the female colleagues disagreed with dark looks on their faces.
  • It was only natural that they were unwilling to do as Yu Yimo had suggested, as he would be partnered with Ruan Shishi again if everyone was divided into groups like the groups on the previous day.
  • But, the few cheering male colleagues who were led by Dong didn’t realize it at all. They clapped and cheered at Yu Yimo’s suggestion while saying that they wanted to have another race with him.
  • Now that the situation had come to this, the female colleagues couldn’t say anything to Yu Yimo’s face despite their reluctance. So, they glanced resentfully at Ruan Shishi before dispersing listlessly.
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