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Chapter 268 Whoever Falls in Love Loses

  • In that instant, the situation got tense as both of the men exchanged glances. Their hands which were hanging by their side were clenched tightly, as if they could strike their opponent at any time.
  • Du Yue was dumbfounded. Following that, he immediately stepped forward and tried to stop them. However, before he was able to open his mouth, Yu Yimo fixed his gaze upon Song Ye’an as he raised his voice and said, “What did you say just now?!”
  • He clenched his fists. The veins in his forearm became prominent as his muscles grew taut. His strength was on the verge of bursting forth.
  • Song Ye’an wasn’t willing to show him any weakness. He was about to open his mouth when a voice suddenly rang out beside him.
  • “Hey! I was wondering why you didn’t show up. It turns out that you are participating in a men’s duel here.” Su Yucheng walked over lazily, while chuckling in a teasing manner. He reached Yu Yimo’s side. Then, he reached out his hand to give Yu Yimo a tug as he asked, “What are you doing? You haven’t been to the boxing ring in a few days, and your hands are already itching for a fight?”
  • The initial tense atmosphere which was on the verge of exploding became more relaxed with Su Yucheng’s appearance. He winked at Du Yue before he turned around and walked to Song Ye’an’s side and patted his shoulder. “Okay, that’s enough. We are all prominent figures here. If you guys were photographed by the paparazzis, you all will make the headlines tomorrow.”
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