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Chapter 330 To Give in on Her Own Accord

  • Jiang Huanchen watched her and chuckled. A moment later, he retracted his smile and raised his eyebrows at her. Then, he said with a smile, “I will arrange a time with you one day and bring Miss Qiong along to learn more about the ‘Redeur’ brand.”
  • When she heard his words, she finally relaxed her anxious state of mind. Since Jiang Huanchen had agreed to it, that meant that her efforts had paid off. Even after she exited the racing club, her legs still felt like jelly.
  • It was lunchtime by the time she made her way back to the company from the racing club. She did not have anything to eat at all as she lay on the office desk and rested for more than 1 hour before the color slowly returned to her face. That trip to the racing club was enough to make her sick for the entire day.
  • Han, who had just taken her lunch outside, couldn’t help but ask, “Shishi, are you sure you do not want to have anything to eat? I have some sandwiches here. Why don’t you…”
  • Ruan Shishi shook her head listlessly as she said in a low voice, “It’s fine. I don’t really have much appetite.”
  • Han tried to persuade her many times, but seeing as she was determined not to eat, she had no choice but to give up. At the same time, a figure flitted out of the elevator with a large thermos in her hands.
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