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Chapter 132 Why Are You Crying?

  • In the president’s office, Ye Wan’er pulled at Yu Yimo’s hands with a hurt expression, her eyes slightly teary. “Yimo, I really don’t want to leave you…”
  • Yu Yimo patiently advised her, “Wan’er, you should go back to the hospital. You need more rest now.”
  • Ye Wan’er peered at Yu Yimo. Her nose twitched and she reached out to wrap her arms around his waist. “You have to visit me tomorrow then.”
  • Yu Yimo gently caressed her head, his gaze warm and tender. “Alright. Don’t worry about that.”
  • Ye Wan’er nodded. Her fingers gently drew circles in his palm as she spoke softly. “Oh right, Yimo, I heard that Master Bai’s birthday party is this Sunday. Can you please take me with you?”
  • “No.” Yu Yimo’s face darkened a bit. “Where did you hear about this?”
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