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Chapter 287 Be My Girlfriend

  • “Ouch!” Song Yun’an felt a sharp pain as the rocks cut open her palms and knees. Frowning, she couldn’t help but complain, “How unlucky can I be?”
  • The dog inside the house was still barking, thereby causing another dog in the opposite house to bark as well. In that instant, she trembled and wasn’t sure what to do next. Although she usually appeared to be tough and straightforward, she had an embarrassing phobia—she was afraid of dogs.
  • She had developed a fear for dogs since she was chased after and bitten by a dog when she was a child. Even pet dogs would frighten her, not to mention these burly and ferocious dogs in the countryside.
  • She couldn’t get up as her legs went limp. All of a sudden, she heard hurried footsteps behind her, and soon, she felt warmth on her back—she was wrapped in something warm.
  • It was a coat that exuded a hint of detergent fragrance when it was wrapped around her body.
  • She was startled. Before she could react, the person came in front of her and lifted her off the ground. At the same time, she heard a familiar and clear male voice. “Why were you so careless?”
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