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Chapter 252 A Casual Encounter in the Restaurant

  • Time flew, and Ruan Shishi had been in the hospital for a few days. Professor Ruan’s condition had improved in the past two days, which was something that Ruan Shishi was happy about.
  • “This is his last checkup, and everything seems to be fine. So, it’s a good sign.”
  • After glancing through the medical checklist, Ruan Shishi excitedly asked, “Great. So, when can the operation be arranged?”
  • The doctor, who was wearing a pair of gold-framed glasses, paused and soon said, “Well, you may have to contact Director Feng if you’re planning to let him handle the operation. However, as a doctor myself, I’d advise you to wait until the patient’s condition gets better, so I’m afraid that you may have to wait even longer.”
  • Upon hearing the doctor’s words, Ruan Shishi was troubled with mixed feelings. However, she nodded and said, “Thank you, doctor. I understand.”
  • With the medical checklist in her hand, Ruan Shishi exited the doctor’s office with a heavy heart. If it hadn’t been for the sudden accident, her father would have undergone heart bypass surgery. Anyway, now that the operation had to be postponed, it meant her father would need to be hospitalized for longer. But with her current financial ability, when would she ever pay off her debt?
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