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Chapter 47 Finish a Box of Mangoes

  • Ruan Shishi was puzzled and mentally recalled everything she had eaten, making sure that she did not eat mangoes or any food containing the fruit. She tilted her head and questioned, “What exactly is wrong?”
  • As she was deep in thought, one of her hands reached out to scratch the other arm unconsciously. Seeing her action, Yu Yimo frowned, then reached out and grabbed her hand immediately. “Don’t scratch it.”
  • People with allergies should avoid scratching their skin. Not only would it not be relieved, it would make the itching worse and more uncomfortable. Ruan Shishi came back to her senses and her cheeks flushed red when she saw her hand being held by him. “Oh, okay.”
  • Yu Yimo said solemnly, “As for how your allergy was triggered, I will investigate the truth. Your job now is to take a good rest.”
  • Ruan Shishi nodded. She then looked up at him and asked cautiously, “Did you just return to China?”
  • Yu Yimo responded curtly, “Yes.”
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