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Chapter 62 Brother From Another Mother

  • Du Yue, who was driving the car, immediately stepped on the brakes when he heard Yu Yimo’s order. After changing lanes, he made a U-turn at a fork.
  • The rain outside showed no signs of stopping. Instead, it was raining heavier and heavier. Yu Yimo couldn’t help frowning when he saw the layer of fog outside of his window. Soon, his car arrived at Starlight Hall, but the spot where Ruan Shishi stood moments ago was now empty!
  • Yu Yimo pushed the car door open before getting out of the car. Seeing this, Du Yue quickly brought an umbrella down to carry it for him.
  • Du Yue took a glance around but there was no one to be seen. “Why isn’t she here?”
  • Yu Yimo’s gaze became even more upset. He then took the other umbrella that was in Du Yue’s hand and said in a deep voice, “Split up and find her!”
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