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Chapter 71 Are You Jealous?

  • Yu Yimo was startled to see such a reaction from Ruan Shishi. Only then did he recall that she didn’t look quite right back when he met her at noon in the dining hall.
  • He reached out his hand to pull the blanket. However, he didn’t manage to pull it because Ruan Shishi wrapped herself tightly in it.
  • “Ruan Shishi?” He called a few times but received no response from her.
  • Running out of options, Yu Yimo stood up and stretched his hands. Then, he directly lifted her up along with the blanket.
  • Panicked, Ruan Shishi immediately pulled her blanket open. “Put… Put me down!”
  • She didn’t want to see him at first and thought that he would leave upon seeing that she was ignoring him. Never did she expect him to do so!
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