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Chapter 36 You Are My Sister-in-Law

  • She looked at the old lady before looking at the silver bracelet in her hands, thereupon she shook her head and said, “Grandma, I can’t accept this.”
  • The old lady wasn’t bothered with Ruan Shishi’s rejection. She simply asked in a soft voice, “Do you know whom this bracelet belonged to?”
  • Ruan Shishi couldn’t guess, so she shook her head. Could the bracelet not belong to Yu Yimo’s grandmother?
  • The old lady explained in an unhurried manner, “This used to belong to Yimo’s mother. She specifically entrusted it to me and insisted that I give it to Yimo’s wife. This bracelet is an ancestral heirloom from her family; by giving this to you, you’ve already received my approval. It also represents the Yu Family’s recognition toward you.”
  • At the sudden mention of Yu Yimo’s mother, Ruan Shishi became nervous. She had gotten to know from Madam Rong that it was taboo to bring up Yu Yimo’s mother. Now that she had seen this silver bracelet, she wasn’t sure whether she should accept it. Moreover, this wasn’t any mere bracelet; it was one with a weighty meaning and history behind it. Hence, she didn’t dare to take it. Even if the old lady and the rest of the Yu Family approved of her, what did it matter? Most importantly, she wanted Yu Yimo’s true acceptance.
  • Seeing how Ruan Shishi remained silent all this while, the old lady once again asked her, “Shishi, are you not going to accept it?”
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