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Chapter 278 Admitted to the Hospital

  • While one of the men was screaming in agony, Ruan Shishi immediately took the opportunity to flee. However, the other two men quickly caught up with her, clutching their big palms on her. “Quit running, b*tch!”
  • “Let go of me!” Ruan Shishi angrily demanded while struggling hard to break free. I can’t believe I ran into some scoundrels in a high-end place like this one!
  • With a sinisterly and angry look, Young Master Zhang dragged her into the gents. “Let go of you? You wish!”
  • No matter how hard Ruan Shishi tried, she was still physically no match for the two men. Just as she was about to be dragged into the gents, a voice suddenly called out to them. “Stop!”
  • Before Ruan Shishi could look in the direction of the voice, a tall silhouette swiftly closed in on them and kicked Young Master Zhang in the stomach. The kick sent Young Master Zhang a few steps backward, almost falling to the ground. Ruan Shishi then lifted her head to look closer at the person’s face and soon felt happily surprised. It was none other than—Song Ye’an!
  • With an intimidating look on his face, Song Ye’an’s eyes were filled with rage as he handily took care of the last man and pinned him down to the ground.
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