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Chapter 174 More Than Just Acquaintances

  • When she awoke the next morning in Yu Yimo’s room, she noticed that there were multiple packets in the large bag on the table, of which one had been opened. She did not need to probe any further, for she could easily figure out the situation based on that.
  • When she recalled that, her face reddened, and she even forgot to give a reply to Song Yun’an’s question.
  • Her blushing face did not escape Song Yun’an’s sharp eyes, and she leaned in close to Ruan Shishi, teasing, “Shishi, what is the matter? Are you in love?”
  • Ruan Shishi hurriedly came back to her senses and quickly responded, “No!”
  • However, Song Yun’an continued to tease her. “Then why are you blushing?”
  • Ruan Shishi did not know what she should say so that Yun’an would leave her be. However, a sudden idea popped into her mind when she caught sight of Du Yue who was walking not far from them. Immediately, she teasingly retorted to Song Yun’an, “Yun’an, shouldn’t you be the one who’s madly in love? After all, he is right next to you, so why don’t you grab this opportunity?”
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