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Chapter 291 I Am Her Family

  • Yu Qingshan’s brows furrowed in anger, and a slick light flickered across his eyes. “Why are you going to the hospital when we have our family doctor? The wounds on your body have not healed yet. Go back to your bed and lie down!”
  • His command made Yu Yimo abruptly stop what he was doing. Yu Yimo raised his head, his eyes shining with a hint of mockery. “Apparently you are aware that the wounds have not healed. Why did you chase Ruan Shishi away then?”
  • Hearing that, Yu Qingshan’s expression turned grave, and his gaze became even sterner. “What do you mean? Are you blaming me now?”
  • Upon seeing that, He Shuping immediately approached him to comfort him. “Qingshan, don’t be angry. Yimo definitely did not mean that.” She cast her glance at Yu Yimo and softly advised him, “Yimo, you shouldn’t be angry too. Secretary Ruan wanted to leave on her own will. It had nothing to do with your dad.”
  • “Really?” Yu Yimo’s sharp gaze was frosty. “Didn’t you tell her something to make her leave?”
  • Yu Qingshan’s face turned ashen, and he trembled in fury. “I think you must have been out of your mind for a woman! Go back now!”
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