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Chapter 274 Even if He Went Broke

  • Outside the car, Ruan Shishi was showing her e-license on her phone and earnestly promising the police not to forget her license. Only then was she let go.
  • Feeling relieved, Ruan Shishi went back into the car and looked at Ye Wan’er, who was sitting at the back. She softly apologized, “Sorry for making you wait.”
  • Ye Wan’er curled her lips into a fake smile. “That’s fine. I’m not in a hurry, anyway.” Her eyes gleamed with a chill look while she was talking.
  • Ruan Shishi started the car and continued the journey. When she passed Fonda Square, she pulled up at the roadside for Ye Wan’er to embark. With a sweet smile, Ye Wan’er stood on the roadside and waved at her. “Thank you, Shishi. See you again!”
  • Ruan Shishi smiled back and bid farewell before continuing driving. At the intersection, if she had bothered to take a look at the rear-view mirror, she would notice that a car had stopped at the roadside, and Ye Wan’er got into that car without hesitation.
  • Ye Wan’er took a look at the man who was driving and handed him her phone. “Send this out but be secretive. You’ll have to release the news that the proposal has been leaked.”
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